Here we have it, tattoo no. 5. It’s another one that I designed myself and both Treena and I have had it tattooed on our wrists.

The design is, obviously, a heart within a heart. The outer heart represents Treena and I, you can hopefully see the K on the left hand side. Treena’s initial is actually P, which is on the left of the outer heart. For those who don’t know, Treena’s name is actually Petrina, and the P worked much better on the tattoo that T.

The inner heart contains the initials of Conor, Francesca and Georgina. So the way I see it, Treena and I are the outer heart protecting ours kids represented as the inner heart.

The tattoo’s were done by Nick at Far Beyond Tattoo, Luton. I wanted to go there as Nick has done some amazing work on my friend David’s back and other tattoo’s. Nick also did my Angus Young tattoo, which you can see in an earlier blog.

You can see more of Nick’s tattoo’s by going to his website:

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