… that would be Treena and I :0)

Treena and I went on our yearly visit to the Dunster by Candlelight event this weekend and to make it extra special I proposed to Treena, at one of our special places, Porlock Wier.

The weekend started as usual with an early drive to Porlock, where we were staying for the weekend, again at the Sea View Bed and Breakfast run by Gill and Tony. I had it all planned out, I wanted to get to Porlock, check into the B&B and then take a leisurely drive to Porlock Wier before it was too late and too dark. I knew that was the place I wanted to propose as Treena took me to there on our first visit to Dunster. It’s a beautiful and quiet spot with just a harbour, a few shops, a pub, a hotel / restaurant and a scattering of houses. T

reena asked on the journey down there if we were going to go shopping in Minehead before we headed to the B&B, but I had to think on my feet, knowing my plans, and said “Lets get checked into the B&B and pop down to Porlock Wier first!” It was only after I proposed that Treena realised why I said that, she did think it a little strange that we weren’t going into Minehead when we first got there. I was a little bit of a shock for her at first when I proposed, but Treena said ‘Yes!” without any hesitation, well she actually said “Of course I will!!” :0) Before we went away to Dunster, I wanted to ask Treena’s Mum, Dorothy, for her blessing to the marriage proposal, which thankfully she agreed.

I looked fo

r an engagement ring before the weekend, but I knew Treena wasn’t one for a ‘traditional’ ring. I did find one that I thought she’d like, but I wasn’t 100% and I didn’t want to g

et one that she’d be unhappy with. So I thought I’d be a bit more romantic and decided to make a ring to propose with, then we could look for one together whilst we were away. We looked in Dunster that night, but whilst there was one that Treena kinda liked, she thought it was a little ‘dainty’. So we headed to an independent jewellers in Minehead, the only jewellers, the next day where Treena tried on a couple of rings, but then saw one that she liked, which looked a little like the one I saw whilst I previously looking

in MK. Treena said that if she likes the ring and it fits out-of-the-box, then that was the ring that was meant to be. It fitted, so I bought it straight away :0)

We’ve already decided when and where we want to get married, Friday 11th November ’11 at The Inn at Woburn. Why the 11th November? Well, that‘s the day Treena’s Dad, David and Auntie passed away, albeit on different years. That way we can feel that David has had a part in the day after all. It also creates a positive feel to the day in the years to come as we’ll be celebrating our wedding anniversary, rather than a negative one just remembering a pa

ssing. We want to have a slightly different wedding breakfast on the day. We’re going to have an afternoon tea, instead of a full three course meal, for a small group of family and close friends. We’ll then have a wedding reception on Saturday 12th November when we feel more people will be able to make it and we can invite more people, that venue is yet to be decided.

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