Yesterday I went to, what for me, was the best ever concert of my entire life !! That band, of course, was AC/DC.

I started listening to AC/DC since I was 14 years old and, albeit a while away from rock music, ever since. I have to confess I had never seen them live before, so when I heard they were to tour again after a 9 year absence, to promote their latest album Black Ice, I knew I had to see them this time around. I missed out on the first round of concerts, but to my relief they announced further stadium tour dates in Wembley, Dublin and Glasgow. I couldn’t make the show’s in either Wembley as we were on holiday or Dublin as it was the day after we got back from holiday, but I did have a chance to see them in Glasgow, a city I’ve been to many many times. So although it was Treena’s birthday the same day, I’m eternally grateful to her as she was OK with me seeing them when I should have been at home celebrating her birthday (for those about ask, Treena was unable to go as we’d just got back from holiday in France and she couldn’t get the time off) I went to the show with my mate from work, David Savage who I sit next to in the office.

The concert lived up to the 25 years of hype I had built up wanting to see them live. They did all the classics like, Whole Lotta Rosie, Let There Be Rock and Highway to Hell, along with a number of their new tracks, War Machine, Black Ice & Rock n’ Roll Train.

At the end of the show I think I was the most drained from ‘rockin’ out’ I’ve ever been, or I think ever will.

All hail AC/DC !!!

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