Treena & I went to see Live Wire who are an AC/DC tribute act, playing at The Stables in Milton Keynes.

Unlike most AC/DC tribute acts, they actually have two singers to represent the two distinct eras of AC/DC. John Belford sings as Bon Scott, AC/DC’s legendary frontman who died on 19th February 1980. Pete Eccles then takes the reins as Brian Johnson, who took over as frontman after Bons’ death, to cover AC/DC’s more recent tracks.

I have to say, seeing as I started listening to AC/DC at about the age of 14, some six years after Bons’ death, I never had the chance to see Bon sing live. However I think this was the next best thing for me. Although John’s voice wasn’t perfect, I think he did a mighty fine job of it, as did Pete of Brian.

Lorne Shippen takes up the axe of legendary guitarist Angus Young. Again, his performance isn’t as polished as Angus, but Lorne does a mighty fine job of playing Angus’s licks. He his a fantastic guitarist.

I didn’t think I would like a band trying to be the band I’ve listened to for so many years, but I look forward to seeing them again soon.

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