IMG_0784I know I haven’t posted on here for quite a while, but here we go, welcome tattoo no. 6. I seem to be coming a bit of a veteran of these now !

This tattoo is, if you can’t tell already, a phoenix rising from the ashes. It is to represent that although I can go through hard times in my life, I can get through those times stronger.

The tattoo is to be part of a half sleeve I having done. The picture above is of the completed phoenix. So far this has taken three, three hour sittings. The first was for the outing, the second was to colour the body and wings and the third to colour the tails. I still have two more sittings due, one if July and one in August. The July sitting is to have a lotus flower done on the inside of my arm (OUCH!! I hear you cry!). Then the August sitting is to have the rest of the upper arm filled in with Black and Grey swirly bits along with any touching up.

The design is a one off piece which was drawn freehand onto my arm by Nick at Far Beyond Tattoo, Luton. I wanted to go to Nick again as he’s an exception Japanese tattoo artist and was up for doing the tattoo. As you may remember, Nick also did my Angus Young and heart tattoos, both of which you can see in an earlier blogs.

You can see more of Nick’s tattoo’s by going to his website:

As I get the other work done of the half sleeve, I’ll keep you posted.

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