Treena & I went to the F1 practice day for the 2010 F1 British Grand Prix today, here we are with a rather shiny Fernando Alonso, lol.

Treena bought the tickets for both my birthday and our second anniversary. It was a lovely day, although it was pretty hot, but thankfully we were in a covered grandstand. 🙂 

We had allocated seats at the Copse A grandstand, at the end of the Pit Straight which gave us a fantastic view of the cars exiting Woodcote along the Pit Straight and into Copse. We also got to see the cars exiting the pits, which was really noisy when they were revving up the engines to get heat into the tyres.

As well as practice for the F1 Grand Prix, the day also consisted of practice and qualifying sessions for Formula BMW, GP2 & GP3 which too were held this weekend. The day was attended by about 85,000 people, which of course meant getting out of the car park was a bit of a nightmare. It took us about two hours forty five minutes to get back.

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