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Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending on what time you're reading this of course!

I find it interesting when it comes to explain why I have my own webpage. I always sit in front of the 'puter, as Conor puts it, and try to think of an original way say something, but I always end up empty headed or just start with "Welcome to my website..." Well here goes....

Why have I set-up this website, you may ask yourself ? Well, I thought it would be the great way to communicate with all the people I know, of which some live in far off lands, to let them know what's going on in my little world. Through it I can share with everyone, some of my pictures from places I've been, or things I've done. Also how things are going through my blog and anything else random I can think of.

To look through my pictures, just click on the 'Pictures' link, above. The pictures are public ones, to see personal ones you'll need to sign up to Flickr. To check out my blog, click on the latest ones below or click on the 'Blog' link above to check out all of them. You can also see what music I'm into at the moment, and there are some handy weblinks.

We hope you enjoy what you see on my little piece of the t'internet...


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